I’m completely drained at the moment.

I haven’t checked my phone all day. I have no energy whatsoever. I’m not even that depressed… not enough to be like this anyway. I feel like I’ve wasted the entire day. I was kind of put off regarding getting up the last time I woke up because I heard the rain outside. It’s nearly 7pm and I have been knocked out all day. I really needed to get up to do stuff but I’m just too tired. It’s nice being not able to feel things as an intuitive person but despite not actually feeling things I must still feel heavier energies or I wouldn’t be physically this drained. It doesn’t really help when your mind is numbed but the sense is still there. I sense things from more than just my life. I’ve been feeling that things just aren’t right in other peoples. I’m not normally drained this badly though. That doesn’t normally happen this much. If others don’t communicate with me it doesn’t help because I’m still feeling it. I mentally may have numbed myself but the tiredness is something I can’t shift. I don’t feel depressed either. This tiredness isn’t the same.

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