I got woken up this morning… I felt like I was attacked in my sleep.

I have been left with a headache after waking up this morning feeling like I had been attacked in my sleep. I don’t even remember having a dream or anything while I was asleep. I woke up with a really bad feeling and then I ended up with a headache. Something definitely wasn’t right. I don’t remember a thing but I felt like I had been spiritually attacked in my sleep. That doesn’t happen often, well not nowadays anyway. It happened a lot when I was younger because I had no idea back then how to protect myself. I’m able to avoid being attacked most of the time now I’m older. If this happens I normally dream before I get woken up. I haven’t really dreamed much lately in general. I used to dream most nights and actually remember them but lately I am just surrounded by darkness when asleep or don’t see anything in my head while asleep. I did say that I’m disconnected completely. This is how it is right now. This is all new to me. I have always experienced things at the other end of extremes. I am used to having a very busy mind internally picking up things like a sponge on a constant basis. It was never quiet. I’m not complaining because due to that I’ve never been able to have peace in my mind which at the moment I can do. That experience when I woke up from whatever this morning wasn’t good though. I felt really uneasy and wrong when I woke up. I had a cat asleep next to me. Those type of things don’t normally happen to me when the cats are around me. She wasn’t asleep like she normally is though, instead she was looking at me. I don’t know if she was aware of anything but when I wake up normally she is curled up in a ball fast asleep. I didn’t like it and have felt really ill since I woke up. I have taken a painkiller for headache so hopefully I will nap for a bit and wake up without it.

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