Made myself go out today.

I went for a walk and to get a few things over in Hinckley. I posted something while I was over here about the car park because it was broken so free before the normal time of 6pm. I don’t normally post exactly where I am as a general rule because it’s dangerous. I had to put plasters all over my feet before I went on a walk today. There’s a cut on my toe from the dodgy shoes that I bought which keeps opening up every time I walk. Then there is my toenails both sides that I accidentally cut down too low which are growing back into the sides. I can’t do a lot there but with plasters over then they can’t rub into the sides of my feet while I’m walking. I don’t know what is the future plan to fix them yet as I haven’t heard from a person and after recent things I don’t know if they will want to see me on a professional basis any longer. I didn’t mean to mess them up, I was trying to not do that intentionally because I didn’t want why to have to give up my own ego and go back. I never claimed to be perfect myself … why do you think I can understand that bad isn’t always bad? I carry dark energies with me naturally but that doesn’t make them bad. It just has an impact on things that happen to me and you can learn to wall up to anything negative that you sense so that it doesn’t affect you. Where do you think the ice bitch persona came from in me? I doubt that they’ve read what I’ve said on the blog but if they have seen it the. I’m probably seen as a bad person now.

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