I have a right to my opinion etc.

If others don’t like what I say about them… if they even bother to look at the blog etc. Then don’t be the way they are toward me. I’m sure there are some shitty things said between others about me in the small area that we live in but they are also entitled to their own opinion. If I catch them saying certain things I will not hesitate to challenge them despite the fact that I’m the quiet type. I own exactly what I do and who I am as a person, most things don’t bother me unless it’s something I’m insecure about. If you want me to be nice about you then you should have been nice to me. I don’t mind calling people out locally, I owe them nothing because of past stuff. If no one says something then things continue as they are etc. I will allow people to openly hate me for that purpose because I’m used to that my entire life so far. I’m only 5 ft 2 and live on my own. I have to have an attitude to protect myself. I’ve been burnt in the past and that will NEVER happen again because I won’t allow it. As much as I can be friendly I can also pull back the other way dramatically because of the past stuff I went through. I can ping so easily when I need to do so. I don’t let anyone treat me badly especially when I’ve shown kindness to them. I won’t be treated cheaply or flip reversed on without saying anything in my space (here). It may be to do with stuff going on in others lives but it impacted on mine for a while because of my own issues. It still is hurting me a bit but I’m quite hardened now because I realise that people in general do not care about each other. Just because I cared doesn’t make the other person I’m interacting with have to do the same. I got to the point where I was so fed up with giving my energy to others who just didn’t appreciate it and treated like I’m nothing.

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