Autistic people can lie and play the social game.

I’m hoping that someone really has decided not to look at my blog because this interaction involves them and I’m going to try to put it softly without being hurtful to anyone. It is a well known thing that others presume that autistic people can’t lie or play social games. I’m here to explain how that is a myth. The person I met recently, she was more of an ice queen but I attempted to effectively butter them up by saying they were a beautiful person etc. She most definitely wasn’t but I wanted a friend so I bought out all the compliments. I didn’t pretend to care… that is who I am but all the compliments that I may have said was totally not actually a lie but to satisfy another’s ego. It was a lie really that she is a beautiful person. She physically may be a beautiful person but her personality is brutal, direct and at times quite cold. I know that could be her culture but I think she is just that type of person anyway. I feel energies. Hers is egotistical and selfish. That’s not her fault. It’s just the way she became as a person. As a boss I bet she can be a nightmare. Yes, she has charm but these type of people are extremely able to put that on for their own gain. The fact that they have now won an award is probably going to make her ego larger which definitely won’t be a good thing. She won’t see this because she thought that she was too good to be friends with the likes of me, went cold and walked off. So yes, as an autistic person I can lie and play social games because that is basically your survival instinct that you learn within the system. It’s learn how to survive or get eaten alive by certain environments. I’m not nasty or manipulative. I had my moments when younger but certainly not now. I was so hopeful that they would turn out to be a nice person under that cold egotistical exterior but they just weren’t. I literally couldn’t find anything good within them when I read their energy. The whole aura around their businesses and them feel wrong. I couldn’t pick up anything good at all.

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