I’m heading for my bed.

I’m just in the bath after finally getting home today. I’m really tired and my knee is swollen so I’m off to bed as soon as possible. I just can’t right now ok. If there is anything I have not done it will be sorted tomorrow. The pain and tiredness is just too much. I don’t know if this is the tiredness but I am so paranoid right now. I’m terrified about my past repeating even though I know in my heart I’ve been authentic and not done anything intentionally bad. That doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to others though. They’ll get you into trouble for being not the norm. I’m really tired from worrying and things keeping me awake. I am nearly in tears at this point. I just want an early night. I haven’t eaten much … only a protein bar which I kind of live on nowadays. I’m too tired to cook. I just want to sleep.

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