Had a few hours nap.

I am awake. I need food etc. I have a sore scalp where my hair was tied up earlier. I also woke up with both sides of my toenails digging into the side of them. I tried to cut them myself and the edges came away so now they’re growing back in. I can’t go back there after everything so I’m going to have to suffer. She has never directly said she won’t do my feet professionally (the way she talks about them it sounds like she has a foot fetish thing she disguises as a career) how can things ever go back to normal after everything I may have said? I also have a cut in the side of one of my toes where those dodgy shoes ripped into them and every time I walk now it bleeds. I’m uncomfortable but I can’t reach out professionally now because of what I did. The way I cut my nails is like they’re now back to before she did them because even though I tried to cut them straight the corners ripped out. I can no longer get underneath them to pull out the nail corners from my toe edges.

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