Expensive day!

I said that this garage was ethical but even the price that I’m being charged to get it to pass the MOT takes a huge chunk out of my money pot to move away. £365 for 3 parts which it needs to pass. I’m stuck over here at he whole day so I’m walking to burbage to get a lift back to garage later. There’s no point me going back for it because they have to get the parts and do the job. The feeling I had was right which is why I had a few different plans for that scenario. The move that I planned is now further away. That is 3 months worth of putting money away that has now had to go back out! The car was already a month out of date on its MOT which is why I couldn’t say anything yesterday. The law cannot retrospectively fine you and now the car is in a place where I literally cannot get done for it because it has been effectively handed in. I was fully ready to stop that coming out yesterday.

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