Empaths / initiatives… whatever you call it.

I was watching a video of an empath saying she is always there for everyone else but when it comes to her no one bothers. That is kind of how it always is… we attract broken people who aren’t the same. The people we attract into our lives have no idea how it feels for us. They only feel their own pain whereas we feel others alongside / on top of our own. I am highly doubtful that people I have known will ever reach out to me. They just don’t feel other people’s stuff so they’re not going to care. Why would anyone else care about what they can’t feel? That doesn’t make sense. I haven’t slept and sometimes this empath shit can also affect sleep. I hate it doing that when I have to get up. I have less of a migraine now which is one positive thing. I had a snack in case hunger was keeping me awake. I’m hoping that I get a bit of sleep before I have to get up because if I do have to leave the car there it’s going to feeling like a trek getting home. I find it painful to stay awake when I’ve not slept. It’s not going to be pleasant. I have a feeling that something is going to have to be done on because of things that were listed as advisory but not failed on the last MOT. There was an oil leak and the oil levels suddenly went down dramatically recently. I had to put some more in. The breaks are making slight noises and there is a clunking noise ever so often so I’m hoping it isn’t too expensive because there will be a chunk of my savings gone toward moving away. Yes I can replace it but I’m stuck in this area longer which I don’t want to stay in. I never wanted to come back and it’s about time I made the decision to finally get away from my home town… for good this time. There isn’t no way I’m coming back at any point to live here once I have upped sticks and moved.

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