Early start tomorrow.

I’m not ok but I know that I have to do something tomorrow. I have the worse migraine coming on. I think someone gave me a cold which isn’t helping my head. I took a painkiller for migraine and put that deep freeze stuff on my knee (I smell like antifreeze now which is not great). I put it on my finger too to see if it took that down. The pain in my knee was so bad after I had a bath. It seems a bit better now I’ve sprayed the stuff on it. I’m not sure if the cats will sleep next to me now I’ve put the stuff on my finger. Mister doesn’t seem too bothered by it. I’m very tired. I have been drained by all the Christmas stuff and I’ve not even been directly involved in anything. It’s the energies that float about this time of the year. I’m even too tired to be annoyed at anyone else right now. I just don’t care at all. I can’t even see straight so I’m off to sleep now. I hope my knee doesn’t seize up tomorrow since I have a very long day. If my car doesn’t come out the garage because they have to wait for parts etc I’m going to have to get over from the next town. In normal circumstances that wouldn’t be hard. I would just walk but my knee is kicking off after barely 14,000 steps at the moment. I haven’t caught a bus in years because I only use my car. I don’t trust Ubers or taxi’s after a dodgy one down south on a night out. I’m so used to combining walking and my car to get places. I can’t walk now and if the car is not allowed out of the garage until fixed to pass the checks I don’t have the car either. I can barely think properly because I’m that tired so I’m going to sleep now.

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