I have news, not a lot but at least I’m informed about what is going on.

I got an email from the mental health team manager regarding the whole s117 aftercare discharge meeting earlier. There wasn’t much I didn’t already know was going on. I only know from this communication that the other team has agreed to arrange a meeting… 6 weeks ago and they still haven’t heard back from the one who will be attending the meeting required to remove the clause from my name. I’m not particularly surprised because everything is mega slow in that system. I won’t be publishing the date on here when I get confirmation that everyone has agreed to meet to formally discuss the issue. I will be saying afterward and may have a small celebration depending on circumstances. I’m not going to buy everyone a drink to celebrate because I’m not that rich… you have to have limits of who you’ll allow in that free drinks circle otherwise you end up broke. It depends who I’m connected with at that point. People go in and out of my life all the time and I don’t think some are going to return at any point because I’m far too annoying. I’m hoping that I will be coming off the clause. I can’t assume because they will be discussing my needs (which the system under that clause has not catered for in the last 6 / 7 years) and making a decision based on the collective opinions of the professionals involved. These people are making a decision on my future when they don’t even know me. It will be all about risk assessments and stuff like that. I have my issues yes but at least I make an effort to not unleash them on others too much. It’s never not going to happen at all but I have more self control than when I was younger. I can be upset with someone else and still be respectful rather than going into a tirade of not very nice things being said. Anyway, apparently if I want to make a complaint about how long it’s taking for that other department to get sorted for the meeting to go ahead they’ve directed me to that places complaints contacts. It’s Christmas week so I will leave it for now but definitely go that direction in January if they haven’t got their act together (which I presume will be the case). I’m far too tired at the moment and no one will be back in these departments properly until the second week of January to look at things like complaints. I’m in bed already. I did get up for a bit to change pj’s, have a bath and something to eat / drink (I made myself). I’m now back in bed but after only just over 600 calories today I’m hoping I can actually sleep. Sometimes too little (minimum I will go down to in a day is just over 800 calories normally but I do try to eat slightly more so that I am still losing weight but not getting tired) prevents me from sleeping. I do need to sleep tonight because nothing got done today. I need to catch up tomorrow.

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