Unavailable until later this afternoon.

I woke up feeling seriously hung over. I am only briefly awake right now because I took in my package after post person rang my door buzzer (seriously that is the equivalent to a drill to my head today). I got up to take a painkiller and drink water. Hopefully, when I’ve closed my eyes for a few more hours sleep I will wake up with no headache and a less swollen knee. It’s not as bad as it was at the weekend but it keeps going up and down. I’m hoping it just decides to go down at some point. That is how my other knee finally recovered. It just randomly decided to heal one day. That was during the pandemic when I had reduced the amount that I walked a lot. Grey hair is so hard to cover. I have silvery bits growing at the front which blended in when I had blond hair. The strands are now quite obvious now that it’s purple. Those part’s literally refused to turn any colour. Luckily it’s that nice white silvery thread type grey rather than the horrible coarse grey. I had them a few years and they don’t stand out too much. It’s just crazy how the colours do not take on those strands. I’m going back to sleep now before my head explodes (that is how it feels anyway).

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