I’ve been better… just finished for the night.

I was doing my mental health diploma course for the last few hours. I’m not feeling well. This course has really made me realise I’m still participating in addiction despite it not being that often. I still drink every weekend just to cope with reality. I can’t easily change reality so I have to find a way to cope with it. It hits me so hard after I drink nowadays though. I am literally unable to drink every single day of the weekend now. I have to have one nights break in between before my body starts making me extremely ill. I know have purple hair which I don’t like… it went far too dark and it’s no longer the mermaid rinse tine that I like. I suppose that it will last longer and as it washes out on the blond parts it will fade to what I desired. It’s just too intense right now. It’s not even a good intensity … it looks like someone has splattered an ink pen down my hair. Others seem to like it so it can’t look as bad as I thought… unless they’re just ‘being nice’. I feel extremely sick and just wrong (alcohol affects) right now so I’m going to try to sleep it off for a while.

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