So I got woken up at exactly 555 this morning. And, I have a migraine :(

I was rudely awoken by the sound of things falling off something this morning… checked my phone (first thing I do when I wake up)… number on the clock was 5.55am. It was a bit more freaky when I got up to go toilet, feed the cats and take another painkiller for my knee /migraine a few hours only to find that nothing had fallen over… the noise literally came from nowhere. I live in a flat but that was definitely in my flat. The time that I heard it was just too weird. I am going back to sleep for a few hours. It is Sunday so I’m not getting up yet because it’s only 7 am. I need to sleep off this migraine before it gets any worse. I’m still not impressed at all at whatever woke me up really early when I was actually happily asleep and very comfortable. I was lucky enough to fall asleep as soon as I went to bed last night which doesn’t happen often due to sleep issues. I am well aware that being someone with the abilities I have is not always easy. I do try to set my boundaries about what I will allow. Waking me up at 5.55 am frightening me by a loud noise is pushing those boundaries. I’m already probably aware intuitively of what the spirits or whatever is trying to tell me. I’m most likely ignoring it because it’s kind of obvious how stubborn I am. I am someone who will literally hold on to something until ‘hell freezes over’. If this migraine is to do with anything trying to grab hold of my energy please pack it in right now. I’m just not going to take it. I will just dig my heels in deeper and refuse to allow it. It may just be a normal migraine but over the past few days I’ve felt like my mind is being attacked. The memory issues and feelings of being really far away from reality. Once you’ve had mental health issues you’d know the difference. It’s not the same. I’m sure that something has tried to access my mind over the last week. I know that sounds insane but anything out there can spiritually attack those of us that are sensitive and naturally connected. Christmas is one of those times where those that have passed over try to communicate with us. This isn’t the type of thing that my dad would do because it’s frightening and doesn’t feel friendly. Those who have passed away in my life just wouldn’t do it either. Whatever is doing the stuff over the past week is not good or just doesn’t like me. I would just like to reassure whatever is doing these things, I may have had a very bad soul in the past but it has been tamed by all the painful things I went through in life. I’m not a bad person. I’m genuine to everyone. I wouldn’t hurt a soul… when I do by accident I am the type to beat myself up about it for many weeks/months, sometimes years later. I’m as genuine and caring as you can possibly get… I literally have the inability to do anything bad without feeling guilty. I live my life authentically, never ever pretending to be someone I wasn’t and am not afraid to show my bad parts. I will put others before myself even if it will make me miserable sometimes. I know it’s hard to believe when someone is exactly how they say they are in this world but in my case it’s true. I want some peace. That is all, from the living and the other side. I’m tired and I don’t deserve to be spiritually attacked. I just need space right now. It is a week until Christmas which is hard enough being separated from my son since his adoption. I have been through enough. I need a break.

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