Using my insomnia – but I found something I dispute on my course.

I have spent two nights this week doing a mental health diploma online. I know that we aren’t supposed to dispute the course materials but this is what they defined as violent behaviour…

It reads (in case photo doesn’t come up or accessibility issues due to disability) – patient exhibiting violent behaviour is the individual whose behaviour is potentially hazardous to himself or others. That is a very loose term which could be open to misinterpretation. I’ve looked at it several times to make sure I’m reading it correctly. Due to how these things have been written, it explains why autism is misunderstood by the mental health professionals. It now explains why violence got written on my record when I was younger. I’m a pain in the ass. I will fine tooth comb everything to find information / answers because this is how my brain works. I believe that to get things changed, there needs to be a conscious effort to obtain all the previous information which resulted in the system being its current way. I want to do that in order to be one of the ones pushing for a more humane approach in a reformed mental health system and the wider system as a whole in general. I am aware that not all my idealist ways will ever be able to be practically introduced but even some changes would be better for future generations rather than none. Also, I said my knee was better but it’s swollen up again and I can feel the pain now. I knew my hand was going to swell up because I’ve been writing notes with it (I can’t write with opposite hand despite trying to learn – dad was a leftie so I was trying to use my spiritual gifts to ask him to help me swap hands, it didn’t work). Anyway, I am going to sleep for a bit (well, hopefully if I can) before it gets too late.

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