I haven’t done anything. Well, not as much as others might assume.

I would just like to clarify before assumptions which could get me into trouble start flying around. I’m not entirely innocent but also not as guilty as others might assume I am. I hold my hands up to looking into other people’s energies with the tarot cards. I got karma kick me back for that so I’ve not asked certain questions about others again. I want to make one thing clear. I do NOT talk about others to anyone I know. If I mention stuff that has upset me which someone else did on here then there are no name’s mentioned. I may have mentioned characteristics of others but it’s not specific because I don’t want to accidentally identify them. People know that I got upset recently due to the way someone else acted to me. I don’t want others getting annoyed at me for things I haven’t done. I get enough people angry at me for things I’ve done by accident like asking a question which came across to someone else as an accusation. I can dig my own hole so please don’t add things to the list that I haven’t actually done. I don’t want to piss anyone else off. I don’t need the stress. I’m not feeling too good right now because I haven’t slept and my knee has got very swollen again. I’m just not concerned with anyone else right now. I need peace ok. That is all I’ve ever wanted. I never wanted a fight with anyone. That is exactly why I want to be alone a lot, no drama, no negative bullsh*t. If you can’t resist gossiping then keep your mouth shut. I’m in pain and tired. I simply do not have the patience to deal with small town tittle tattle. I made my mistakes. I’ve owned them and walked away because that is what was for the best. I kind of left it open but my intuition is telling me move on it’s over, there will be no friendship even in the future. That is all I would have wanted, no trouble. Of course I’m going to be hurt but I can categorically say I’ve done nothing wrong apart from those accidental things and reading energies without permission. I can’t take back words or unpull the cards. I just want to move on and get on with my own stuff. As I have said I’m in a lot of pain which is no longer being even touched by pain relief so I would appreciate if others just don’t and let me be while I’m trying to get my knee to no longer be this way.

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