I don’t feel right today.

I tried to do a proper walk today but I could only do 8000 steps before my leg started hurting too much. I feel sick and dizzy. I don’t want to go to get checked out because I might not be sick enough. The NHS is busy and there are strikes going on. It’s probably just a pulled muscle that is making me feel sick and dizzy because it’s hurting and making me stressed trying to use my knee. I have eaten enough calories… well, most of last nights was alcohol but it was a certain number of calories. Only nearly 500 of them was but it doesn’t matter if you’ve got under the daily limit to still achieve weight loss. In total, I had 1400 approximately with food and alcohol. I didn’t have the most healthiest meal but I don’t eat chips and vegan nuggets every single day. I post what I have on here regularly so that’s proof of what I eat.

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