This is what I do when I am rejected.

Ever since someone went cold on me (well my perception of being rejected with BPD). I literally took my calories down to only minimal a day. I now feel the effects of weeks of under eating. I can feel my heart fluttering and feel like I’m going to fall over. I swear that my eyes are fuzzy and I feel dizzy. I have no energy to get up during the day. I’ve had my knee come up sometimes at times where I’ve been busy so haven’t eaten right. It definitely is kicking off right now. I am still eating but that habit means I can barely eat now because my body has got used to it. I feel sick when I eat a larger portion of food. This is my rejection sensitivity response. I can control my BPD side most of the time but I am extremely weak at Christmas and in April (jonnys birthday) because I get emotionally weaker and more sensitive.

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