The energies that surround me will not win…

The guy from the estate agent that got the mat stuck under my bathroom door came to unstick it first thing this morning. That means that I haven’t slept because I randomly got an email about half 7 this morning (I normally drift off to sleep for a bit if I haven’t slept during the night at that time) so I stayed awake later. The bag sequin that fell off just needs sticking (I have superglue somewhere) and my purse zip is ok again now. The cats are currently filling the litter tray up every few hours because they won’t go out in the cold weather… however that isn’t something that is concerned with the bad energies that have been following me around causing random little things to go wrong. I’ve fixed it all now. I got so stressed over it all though. I literally thought bad energy was hunting me down over the past week. You don’t have the best luck when you’re not sleeping much at night. That went away for a few days but then returned. That could even be part of it. I’m definitely getting rid of those shoes because something had gone into my toe when I took them off yesterday so there has to be a sharp metal part in the corner of it.

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