The accidental influence I didn’t know I had.

I was joking around about how I literally became the control of the media industry locally the other day. For instance, the fact that I actually achieved the objective of getting my past removed from being online due to the people I met in the industry. Over the past couple of days I realised how much influence I do actually have. A very young reporter (early 20s is very young to me) asked me why he shouldn’t publish something privately via message and that it wasn’t a choice because the people had paid him to do it. Fair dos, paid work shouldn’t be turned down because it’s hard enough to make money in this industry as it is… and today, my writer friend who knows I’ve just had something happen with a Greek woman that left me upset actually apologised that one of his books is being translated into Greek because it wasn’t his decision. The publisher he is under said it was one of the hot new trends thing that all books need to be translated into certain languages. The other language his book is translated into is Spanish. I can only guess that these languages are getting more spoken throughout the uk. I’m surprised about Greek language though because it looks so complicated. I can’t even pronounce the name of the person I had the issue with recently. Their words are far too long even trying to split it up. I resorted to just using their first name in communication. Thanks for consulting me and telling me it’s not your decision it’s helped soften what happened between me and the Greek one.

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