I had a few hours sleep.

I managed to get some sleep. It wasn’t long but it was enough. I didn’t see daylight again but I wasn’t planning on going out anyway. I had a memory blip when I woke up. I literally couldn’t remember my phones PIN code. Luckily, it has face recognition so I could still get into it. I think my knee has finally gone down a bit which is a good thing. It’s taken days but at least it’s gone back down now. Even my finger has got less swollen. I’ve had to focus on resting. I have walked but not much in comparison to what I used to do. It’s been ridiculously cold anyway. The cats are starting to play up because they’re hungry so I will have to get up soon. I’ve got cleaning and tidying to do anyway because I didn’t get it done yesterday. I left the heating on low and the air is still feeling like ice in here. The fact that it’s been in minus figures outside has made it worse. I spent a record of £16 in one day yesterday because of leaving it on low so that it would take the chill out of the air. I’m scared of running out of credit because it doesn’t catch up with itself straight away. It will literally run out of credit and switch the gas off (meaning I have to trek outside to reset the meter box) before it flashes up low credit warning on smart meter (these things are certainly not smart). I don’t want to pay these stupid amounts for energy but I also don’t want to be cold either. I decided that I was going to use it because I can afford to do that cutting back on other things. It’s a choice I had to make, like everyone else in the uk at the moment. It was fine until the very cold weather came in. The cold weather payments given out when it gets to a certain temperature doesn’t even cover the amount people are being charged now. If you think that it’s been costing me about £15 a day since it got very cold, £25 would only be two days worth of heating. I don’t mind choosing between heat and eating because I don’t eat much anyway. Those that have families and others living with them can’t make that choice for them. I think the government is letting people down. The prime minister of this country is getting tagged in videos made by various people within this country with the same message on a daily basis. We need the energy costs properly sorted. That isn’t being done. They’re allowing these companies to basically rob people. There is no excuse as to why these prices should be this high. The companies are making excuses but they’re raking in huge profits (record number of profits in fact). If what they were saying about having to put the energy costs up was true, they wouldn’t be making those huge profits. It’s pure greed by the over paid billionaires at the top of all these companies. They could end this whole price hike thing by cutting back on their lavish lifestyle but they won’t do that. Those that are keeping all the money are the issue because they will just take it all from everyone below them. I would love to be able to persuade these types of people up at the top to do the above but they will just look at me as dirt. The prime minister and his wife are one of these people. I don’t see how someone who has never had to live this life can possibly represent the average person. He has never had to live the same life. I’m always looked down on by those that have money etc. That is because I tell them that money means absolutely nothing. It definitely doesn’t make you a good person. Sometimes it can turn people into horrible people when they come into a wealthy lifestyle. Now is the time these extremely wealthy people should be giving back to those that aren’t as fortunate. They do not need all that money themselves.

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