Please don’t gossip about me. I got it wrong.

I know this area is quite small and when anything happens people start talking about it … that’s fine but the versions of what did or did not happen change as it filters through different people. I don’t admit this very often but I was quite mean to wish someone’s business to fail just because of how they acted towards me. I should have read the tarot cards before saying the stuff that I did on here. I don’t wish them anything bad. I just feel let down by someone. One minute they were all friendly and chatty via email but only a few weeks later they were cold to the point they even blanked me in the street. Then refused to talk to me about anything but professional related things and seeing me for a service. That is when I cancelled the future appointment with them and got upset. It just feels like another person let me down again. That is the reason why I went out to destroy their new business. I’m may be many things negative, but I’m very honest about my motives.

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