It looked like a mess but at least I can get some sleep.

I was meant to get up to tidy up and get rid of the cats litter tray because they had done a lot of stuff in there. The person who does the inspections decided to come do the thing this morning. I had got too tired last night so I was going to get up and whip round cleaning / tidying this morning when I’d slept so that I had the energy to do it. I now look really lazy like I don’t care but I couldn’t sleep last night. I fell asleep briefly and then woke up again. Then I was awake until about 8 am. I did lay awake feeling bad about what I’d done when I was hurt about how someone reacted to me. Little things keep going wrong that I can’t sort out. The guy who came to do inspection somehow kicked the bathroom matt right under the door and now it’s stuck fast. The sequin diamond thing fell off the side of my new bag. I managed to fix my purse but the zip has gone the same way again. I can stick the bag and try to reset the zip on the purse but I can’t get the matt to come away from under the door. It’s stuck fast. On a positive note, my weight has reduced a little bit again to 68.4 kg (150 lbs, 10 stone 7). Please if the energies causing this constant amount of bad little things to happen is listening… please stop. I am sorry for what I did and don’t want my stuff to break anymore. I believe in that stuff. That is why I have no issue with appealing to these things that we can’t see at the risk of looking completely crazy. There is no other logical explanation for little things to keep going wrong randomly. I didn’t even touch the matt that got stuck under the bathroom door (I don’t know how I’m going to unjam that. I have pulled it and because it’s doubled over it’s become immovable).

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