I tried to sleep but I woke up.

I tried to sleep but I kept waking up. I took a painkiller but my knee has got a lot more painful tonight. I don’t think putting a bandage around it to strap it up when I went out was a good idea. It feels like it wrapped around the wrong part and ended up pulling my knee cap. It feels like it’s stretching at the sides. It is apparently minus 6 degrees outside. I had the heating on low (as I have done every night since it got cold) but the air still feels like ice and even the cats were waking up changing positions because they were cold (they have fur on). I have a migraine coming on. I just want to get back to sleep because I have to be up tomorrow. Mentally I’m still bugged a little by other peoples actions but I pulled my energy away so that those actions don’t impact me. I’m not going to let them keep me awake worrying about the coldness of others toward me recently. I did let it bug me at first but when I read the cards I saw that it was probably more about them than me as to why they were acting that way.

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