I got up… that is all I’m prepared to do today.

I got up for a while and went out to get a few bits. I can’t walk properly because of my knee and I swear my shoe has something wrong with it. I got these trainers recently and they feel like there is something sharp around the part where my little toe sits in the right foot. I have looked several times but it has to be a tack or something because when I take my shoes off after walking it feels numb like something has been stuck in it. I’m going to have to actually dismantle my shoe to try to find the issue. I can’t keep walking in them because it’s getting painful. They are new so I could still complain if I find bits hanging off of them or sharp bits sticking out them. It’s just going to come through the more that I wear these things and eventually go into my toe. It really does hurt enough that make me actually end up limping. That can’t be helping my bad knee either. I have a few bits now so I’m off home. I’m living in a mess right now but I am actually getting used to that. The estate agent got the bathroom carpet stuck under the door which I can’t remove or get to the hinges to undo it because the door won’t open wide enough. Others are trying to tell me that there is no hex etc on me. I can’t believe them. If you look at that video nothing would get in that much of a difficult position to remove unless some kind of evil energies were at force. Even if you make yourself not believe it you cannot stop them from taking hold in your life.

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