Sleep pattern didn’t last long.

I tried to get back to sleep but it didn’t happen. Then when I finally settled down I got disturbed by my monthly again. It decided that it was its next time to have a flooding session. It’s the damn clots that causes the issue. Those only happen when hormones are unbalanced. Yet, the GP won’t check hormones. It states online that those things are caused by hormones being unbalanced. I got the information from official sources so they can’t say it’s wrong. I’ve had enough. I also hate how others ask if I need extra support in some areas. I may look like a weakling in how I’m built (petite and look young) however that is not how I am. I went into a court full of people who was against me to try to stop my son’s adoption when I was 25 (I was a lot younger looking and built smaller at that age). I have autism, alongside mental health problems caused by how I was treated for my autism. I have those issues but not had support for years so I’ve adapted. I have developed a very strong mind and an attitude where I take no shit from anyone else. I’m still nice but I’m direct and quite brutal. I’m only 5 ft 2 and don’t have anyone to stick up for me. I have to make up for that lack of height and rely on myself when I’m out in the world. Yes, I get anxious. I have sleep issues but support doesn’t change those things. I don’t like people seeing me as some kid that needs support because I have learned to cope on my own and fight back when I need to do so.

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