Random day… in some respects I’m getting closer to my goals.

I really do need to get up soon. I went back to sleep for a bit this morning because I didn’t have a lot during the night. I am hoping that I can go out for a little walk preferably in the daylight hours today (if monthly lets me). I’m going to put my knee strap on so that it keeps it warmer as well as supporting it while it’s swollen. I was planning to get up ages ago but I will have to be up tomorrow due to Flat inspection that the estate agent rearranged. I don’t want the cat litter trays dirty (they won’t go outside to do their business right now due to cold) or any of the various stuff scattered around the place to be that way so I need to get up earlier tomorrow to sort it.

It looks like my content is being noticed. I got an offer on my TikTok account to upgrade to a business account today which basically gives you more controls as a content creator. I never set out to become one. I just randomly started making videos about various stuff. Most of them are of the cats… so much so that my username became thehumancat2021. I follow more accounts than the followers I have. I have 4584 followers but I follow about 6000. I’ve had 42.9 k views on all the videos I’ve posted. I don’t follow many accounts on twitter but have 2,728 followers on there. That is quite good considering I only follow about 100 something accounts on there. I only follow 100 accounts on instagram but have 2,331 followers on there. I’m primarily a blogger on here. I really only do a oh vial media as a sideline to get readers. There’s also an option for other WordPress blogs and accounts to follow me on the blog platform. That number has gone up dramatically since I started categorising the blog entries and putting tags on them. I don’t know the exact number without checking and I’m not sure how to on here. I think it was something like 2,000 something last time it came up as a notification.

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