I’m not keen on people feeling sorry for me.

I was told in passing earlier that someone felt sorry for me because I don’t go out or have offline friends. I really don’t want other people’s pity. I don’t want to go out even if I had friends so there is no need to feel sorry for me. I did say I literally hated socialising. I sometimes feel left out but I realise as soon as I go out that I absolutely hate it. It may be the effects of what I went through but I still don’t like it. It doesn’t change nothing feeling sorry for me. We just have to work hard on making sure the future generations don’t have to go through the types of things that myself and others have. That is where I want people to put their attention and focus their efforts rather than on giving me sympathy. I will be gone soon anyway. I can’t even eat much anymore. That helps with getting my figure back. There’s always a positive to everything.

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