I fell asleep straight away but now I’m awake again.

I have been able to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow the last few days… even if I woke up again. That happened tonight but then I woke up with monthly pains. I finally got them under control earlier but now they feel like they’re going to flood again. I still feel really swollen in general because my knee refuses to go down and my finger won’t go down either. I tried to knit something but my finger won’t let me do that properly. I’m just so fed up of being this way. It’s been like this months, the finger is constant. The knee goes up and down. It won’t fully heal. The monthlies are utterly ridiculous. I need to at least get a little bit which is the least I can ask for… at least I will be able to do more. I only ate just over 700 calories today because I can’t move like I used to be able to do right now. I do have more some days. I can’t do that everyday when I’m unable to even go for a walk.

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