Freezing out there… stating the obvious, but back from my walk.

I hadn’t been for a walk in 3 days but I needed to get out for a few hours. I had to put a bandage around my knee (which didn’t stay on) because I couldn’t find my knee strap. I put it away in a ‘safe place’ but I don’t remember where that was… it could be anywhere because it’s a mess since I can’t do a lot after finger swelled up. I’m trying my best but it’s not easy. I’m right handed which happens to be the one with my bad finger. The GP says I can ring up and have it looked at but they won’t be able to fix it. I am frustrated about my knee being this way and my finger. I can’t do much and it’s annoying. They don’t hurt but are more stiff and achy. I can’t use those limbs properly while they’re swollen though. They might hurt more than I can feel though because since going through child birth I literally don’t feel the full on pain of anything now. It could be extremely bad but it wouldn’t feel that way as my pain threshold has been a lot higher since the whole childbirth thing. I don’t want to scare any readers who may be pregnant but that pain is as bad as women say. It is the worse I’ve ever felt in my life. I only did it once and that is one of those things that puts me off ever having another child. I didn’t even feel the full pain because I had an epidural but what I did feel was bad enough. They also induced my son which is also a painful process. He had no intention of coming out so they had to burst my waters. Then due to him being on the large side I got frozen completely in case they had to do a caesarean. He ended up being got out by forceps which caught him in the eye so on our first photo he looks a right state. That experience plus losing him to adoption has put me off having more children. I was in pain the whole weekend. 60 odd hours until he finally decided to come out. I was constantly regretting my decision to ever get pregnant. He probably knew what was going to happen. I wouldn’t have wanted to come out to that either. So yes, long story short, I simply do not feel pain like I did before going through that. I probably wouldn’t know if my knee or finger was that painful. They just feel stiff to me. I have to go now because the cats have managed to get through the bathroom door and apparently it’s feeding time.

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