People are … people (let me explain).

This is hard to explain but I shall try my best. When it comes to people… they are always the same. The way that others are conditioned is universal. That means that all the excuses and stuff people do / say will repeat. I don’t doubt that some people are genuine but the likelihood of actually meeting one of those are really slim. I’m not even fully genuine sometimes. I don’t believe a damn thing that people say to me due to the fact that I’ve met people who have not been honest with me. There has been absolutely no one who has shown me it’s any other way. It is very rare to actually find someone and most of the people in life end up temporary because things change for everyone. There’s stuff that happens in our lives which others just can’t understand so no one ends up staying friends. I believe that people are primarily bad. That perception isn’t easy to change and I just think people are telling me a load of shit excuses all the time. That is what they did to me growing up. Even as an adult we still have that child within us controlling all our insecurities. If you want a lesson about how life is and the horrible aspects of human nature then I will go into great detail but as it’s late I’m keeping this post brief. I have seen others go on about the people you meet in the present not being the same as the past… that doesn’t mean that they won’t be awful toward you. They are totally the same species with the same conditioning etc.

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