Late night thoughts…

There wasn’t going to be another entry today because I wrote quite a few … however, I’m stuck here with a frozen food pack on my leg trying to take the swollen part down. There is a pocket of water on top of my kneecap so it feels huge. I haven’t even walked in two days so it shouldn’t be this bad. You’d think that it would get cold enough outside to reduce the swelling but it doesn’t work. It has to be directly on it rather than around it. I took another anti inflammatory painkiller and trying not to use that hand unless absolutely necessary. I just have to wait it out. There are improvements but it still goes backwards sometimes which shows it has a lot of healing to do. That knee hasn’t been that large for a while. The finger goes up and down all the time. It feels more stable than it used to when I first injured it. These things take time and I haven’t exactly rested much with daily long walks previously. I mentally need to rest too. I don’t like resting because my trauma pings back to bite me.

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