I’m not like everyone else… I don’t have anything.

I know not everyone goes round asking for friends. Others aren’t the same as me though. They have things. Whether it’s a job, relationship, being already part of whatever else. I have none of that. That is how my life has worked out. I feel like I’ve ended up an outsider. Then I just end up being pushed further out. I’m never going to hear from someone else ever again because I was too determined to push my own agenda due to the fact that I have nothing. They don’t normally make friends with clients but not many would ask because they all have stuff in life, their own friends but I don’t. I know a lot of people but I don’t see them as friends because we don’t hang out together. Social media isn’t really like proper friendships. It’s more networking and entertainment. I have got to the point where I want something in life but I feel like people are hating me for wanting that. I wasn’t trying to push over anyone’s boundaries, I know they’re needed when you have a job etc. I feel like I’m being ignored and probably seen as a complete cow because others thought I was bullying them into something.

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