I got up for a bit earlier…

I didn’t actually end up getting dressed today (well, yesterday now). I got up, had a bath and put new pjs on. I had dinner and then treated myself to a whole white chocolate orange. I don’t think I should have done because now I feel very sick and have a headache from too much sugar. I also have ringing ears which is probably due to eating that. I washed my hair. It’s still knotting itself together at the ends and dry but not so bad as it was… bleach has done a lot of damage to it. It needs time to recover. I am not even putting the temporary colour dye on there at the moment because it’s getting too dry to risk losing a lot of the length (which has taken me ages to grow so I’m going to just wash it and deep conditioning treatment once a week until it visibly starts to not be so dry and broken bits start growing back). I don’t want to go back dark because I can’t put those hint of pastel colours in it unless I’ve got bleached ends. I could have dark roots and lighter ends but eventually I would have to bleach new growth due to other ends growing out and getting trimmed off regularly or right now breaking off which is also taking lightened ends off. I’ve had to cut my finger nails right down because they had grown well but then broke right next to where the nail length starts. They don’t take long to grow back. They will most likely be a reasonable length by Christmas. I have to go now before I fall asleep and drop my phone on my face (which will end up waking me up again).

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