Cold is an understatement! Thawing out in the bath!

I just got back and after half my walk I was beginning to feel just how damn cold it was out there. I’m now thawing out in the bath waiting for my dinner to cook (yes, it is late, but I spent most of the day in bed and I’m probably not going to be able to sleep tonight again). I was tired and the cats were also asleep next to me so I was enjoying the peace and quiet. As soon as they wake up I’m being asked for food and trying to stop them destroying the flat I live in. They aren’t wanting to go out a lot due to the cold weather right now so they start getting bored and being a pain in the a**. It’s good that cats sleep most of the day (they’re doing that more due to approaching old age in cat years) because I get stuff done or can sleep myself without being disturbed. Anyway, I have randomly decided that I am no longer going to be so picky. I can’t afford to be at my age or I will never not be single. So, if anyone has been watching me from afar on the blog that I know from the past… why not ask me? I might just say yes. I know I probably never would before but times change and I’m running out of time to have children etc. Time is against me nowadays. I will consider even those I definitely wouldn’t consider when I was younger. I know that I confuse people by being friendly one minute and then pulling away again. That is due to the stuff I’ve been through. It’s hard not to do that. I know I had that state that I used on guys to tell them to not even approach me… but maybe I’m mellowing. I didn’t like the male attention that I got. I was slimmer as a twenty something and they just looked at my body rather than me as a person. I hated it. As long as someone is asking me out for me not the way I look I’m ok with that. Just putting it out there. I may regret it but I’ve got nothing to lose etc.

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