The little things are still happening today.

That hex that I sent out is still pinging back at me. I had my purse zip break today. I keep getting broken cracked sides on my nails (which is probably due to cold weather) and I just could not get my phone to work for at least the first hour of being in the town. It randomly started working again. That makes me wonder why. Something must be signal blocking in that locality during a specific point of the day. It’s always earlier when the schools have not long come out and it literally refuses to work until after dark. I’m also extremely bloated and my monthly hasn’t started yet after being due today. Given it’s a particularly full moon out there and everyone into the spiritual stuff says we are all going to be affected, I’m putting it down to that. I’m always dead on a certain date every single month apart from when I was pregnant, had the covid vaccine (it made it a week late) and another random time when I was a week late because it switched back to the original dates pre covid vaccine after a few months. I’ve been dead on a certain date for at least a year and a bit now like I always have been.

I did a tarot card reading… I’m not going to be responsible for their business not being successful. That hex is nothing in comparison to what is going to happen. It may just be for the first 6 months because these card spreads normally predict the next six months. I can see why the person has been so weird and cold toward me. Obviously, I cannot go into every single detail the cards revealed because that isn’t ethical of any reader. I cannot name the person because that would identify them and I would be exposing their life on here. I see that there is too much competition locally. Their bar/cafe will not live up to expectations and it already has a vibe about it that isn’t helpful which I can pick up just going passed the place. There is something historical about that building that they shouldn’t disturb. I only know that it used to be a bank. I don’t know any further back than that. If people looked on old maps it would probably pinpoint what it was historically throughout the documented past. The library is bound to have old maps that have that particular information. Divorce came out in the cards. I’m not saying anything, judging or getting involved, but that would explain a lot of what I have been intuitively feeling in relation to this other person. The whole business creation thing could be a psychological attempt by a couple to effectively save a marriage. This happens with any new beginning. People even have children thinking it will repair the cracks of a relationship. I do care about others despite hexing them for pissing me off. If someone had been honest I probably wouldn’t have taken their comments to heart and let it upset me. I’m not exactly going to judge. I simply cannot after the kind of shit I pulled in my past and sometimes still have the urge to pull now (I developed self control as I got older), I lost my only child to adoption. I’m in no position to judge even if I wanted to be that way.

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