Probably shouldn’t have hexed someone else in anger.

I have had continuous bad luck today which got me thinking whether the hex I did on someone’s business plans got pinged back at me. There was the things I mentioned in my earlier post and when I got back I discovered that the seal on my hot water bottle cap had broken and soaked my blanket. I had to dry that off and obviously will have to replace the hot water bottle now. It could have been worse. It might have gone tonight if I used it with the boiling hot water inside which would have burnt me. There’s always been something about the other person. Maybe she did send it back my way. People from other countries are sometimes naturally into that stuff because the culture is different. Intuitively I picked up that she was going through something (she even looks different in the face) but in the 3D level of what was said in conversation I was still not going to spare them from a hex. If anyone wants a battle of wills will me I’m very much up for the challenge. If someone else digs their heels in about something… I will do it harder. I’m very inflexible when I want to prove a point. I don’t want to fight anyone else. I will stand my ground until the bitter end. I don’t budge easily even if my feet start to get in a mess. I’m not going back as a customer until she isn’t so guarded with me. I am trustworthy… ok, I may have sent something their way out of anger but they can still trust me. I won’t play games, although if others play it with me I will put a stop to them. I know that sometimes I don’t shut up but there’s no need to shut down and go cold on me. That’s not fair. That is why I’m no longer willing to use the service she offers. She has pissed me off several times but I let it slide because I get that she didn’t mean it to sound as it came out. The being cold and unfriendly thing toward me is a choice she made though. That was intentional and I never let anyone treat me as less than I deserve. I have withdrawn from service she provides as a stalemate thing. Her energy has cocky written all over it. I’m very willingly to play her at her own game. I can be just as superficial and act like I don’t give a shit. There are times, like today, when so much has gone on and I had so little sleep, that I genuinely couldn’t give a shit. I’m not forcing her to do anything but I’m not backing down on my decisions.

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