It’s the little wins that are positive steps.

I fell asleep for a few hours during the night. I woke back up and then couldn’t sleep again but at least that will be more sleep in total if I fall asleep for a few hours before my alarm is set go off. I also saw a bit of daylight yesterday because I went out after only a few hours of sleep. It’s not the best balance but it’s rebalanced a bit. I have a headache which I’m hoping won’t be there after going back to sleep for a few hours. I’ve taken a painkiller which I’m having to do regularly anyway due to finger swelling (x ray results still not back) and my knee reacting to the cold weather. I’m not walking that much in comparison to what I was. It’s just too cold. I got fluid collecting above my knee earlier after being out in the cold weather. I’m resting more because I feel that is what I need and these things may clear up due to not doing mega long walks. The injury/issue in my other knee cleared up after about 5 years. I don’t fancy waiting that long for the other one to do the same. The other one just randomly went back to normal out of nowhere. I’m hoping that my finger and other knee do the same. I’m trying not to get too cold. That isn’t easy when I’m out. I have the super long scarf that I knitted ages ago. It is a bit too long though. There’s a lot of length which makes it super warm when you wrap it around your neck. I was just learning to knit when making it. If anyone wants a wide full length scarf I will knit them one for £20 (takes a long time and requires several balls of wool) for next year, that one took me 3 months but the initial one is too long to be practical so I’ve readjusted the design. I put up with mine because I made it. I know if I start getting others to pay me to make them something the standard has to be higher. The design that I make can replace having to wear a hat because of the thickness/length.

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