Today has been ridiculous!

I went out to do a simple thing. I have told multiple people to shift out the way in my head and I have no shame about it. I was supposed to be home way before now. I can’t be the only one that is being inconvenienced by the network blackouts that are happening randomly. I had to literally walk down the road to connect to a free Wi-Fi in order to send an email to the shop so that I could get the label printed to sell my iPhone. It’s not all over town. There are just black spots at the moment (started last week), unfortunately, it was where I was where I was trying to do something. It’s starting to get extremely annoying though. I am living in a mess because of lack of sleep which I wanted to get back to sort out. I need to still go back home to package and send phone even before I can tidy up and finally eat this evening.

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