I didn’t wake up until this evening.

I didn’t see daylight again. I fell asleep for a few more hours because I was tired after not much sleep last night (well, today). There is no point being awake because I literally have nothing in life. I realised how alone I was earlier after reading an email from someone. I still wish their business to go bad because they’ve made me feel like nothing. They don’t think that they’re upsetting me by directly refusing to be friends but to a person who has no one that mentally affects them negatively. I read that and no longer wanted to leave the house again. I just wanted to go back to sleep. I can’t not go out the house for a second day. It feels like a huge thing and there is no point to it. Why can’t someone just be my friend? Why does that never happen? It doesn’t matter how extra nice I am. Everyone has at least one friend they hang around with regularly. I don’t get to have that ever. I’m destined for a life of being alone which I don’t like anymore.

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