I’m not in a good mood.

I’m not bothered about whether I’m liked or not. I definitely don’t care when I’m tired due to barely sleeping due to how others treat me. I sent promotional stuff about the blog to content creators with huge platforms. Some of those types get on my nerves . They have the huge platform which they could use to influence people but instead they don’t really do a lot. Apparently, they ‘don’t agree with my content’. Especially the one about mental health becoming a trend. Obviously these content creators only skim read because I was angling my post at how wrong it was. As I said before, just because it’s not an experience you’ve had doesn’t make it wrong to publish because it’s happened to others like myself. I’m sick of being looked down on and also talked down to by those in the social media and writing industry who have somewhat become successful. I already found it almost impossible to sleep last night because of how people sometimes treat me on a daily basis. I’m doubtful I will ever get an apology for being upset over it due to the fact I know that most people I plug the blog to doesn’t bother reading it. Anyway, aside from that, no one values me or my opinions so they won’t give a shit how things they do may have upset me. Then there will be people from my past saying that I don’t deserve to be treated right because of who I was in the past. That is another reason why I want to move to somewhere new where no one can possibly remember my past. I was going to do those phone calls to chase x ray results when I woke up but there’s not really much point. Backlogs running up to Christmas just get left in piles longer than normal because no one works at a normal speed. I want to know but too tired to do all the phone calls to various places.


One response to “I’m not in a good mood.”

  1. wow. sorry to hear it sounds like there’s been so resistance lately. 😦 Don’t stop what you’re doing if you believe in it not everyone will understand right away. Thanks for sharing..


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