I slept for a bit… woke up again.

I got overly hot because I accidentally fell asleep with electric blanket on. That woke me up when I got too hot. I haven’t got back to sleep yet. The weight I managed to push back down has spiked again but hopefully once monthly comes on all the fluid build up will go away which will stop the scale spiking up. I only have a few more days to wait. I am doing less exercise because with not a lot of sleep I just don’t have the energy for long walks and the cold is not helping my knee and finger issues. I really need to be up earlier tomorrow at least to see some daylight. The way others act don’t help me be able to sleep. This has been a thing for years and the way others act towards me are a huge trigger for my sleep pattern (well, rather lack of). I don’t want to put that guilt on others but it is the way that it is… if someone asks me why I can’t sleep I’m not going to lie. Others need to know that their actions affect people. I’m not going to say I’m not bothered when I am. That is just scooting around issues which I find frustrating to do. If someone has pissed me off or upset me I have no issues with telling them. I didn’t use to be like that. Sometimes you have to be very matter of fact. For example: I want that meeting to get off that 117 section aftercare clause and I’m going to be pushing them so that I’m not waiting that long to get the process done. The first date that everyone who needs to be at the meeting can be there it is going to be happening. I’m pushing for it to be early next year, no later. I’m refusing to take any bullshit from anyone now. I am going to be chasing that x ray result up for my finger tomorrow because that should be back by now. I’m ringing the actual department that did it and the gp because if it’s a backlog it has to be sat in someone’s to do tray at either stage. Even if my results aren’t able to be given because paperwork hasn’t been done at least I will know where in the process it’s stuck. It’s probably stuck at the GP’s to do list box… its always them holding things up with red tape and various delays. The reports from the hospital department has to be looked over by a GP before the results get put on the system so that we can see them. I’m still struggling to do stuff with my finger being swollen as it is… all I want to know is if it did the same as the little toe on my foot. I would like it fixed but I’m not asking for that, it would be helpful just to know what is going on with it. I could have accidentally made it worse because I don’t know.

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