I held off saying this but screw it’s now.

I have spoken to others who have told me I’ve been basically nicely told to F off. I’m not holding back. I have literally not slept in a few days because of how someone else was treating me. I’m not a racist but it’s not fair that all those that have moved into this country are taking stuff when people who were born here can’t get stuff. I hope that their businesses they’re getting together etc fail. I will even use that hexing stuff to make sure that happens. That isn’t for the above reason but how they have treated me. I’m not racist but I think that they may be. White people just aren’t good enough for them. Those on benefits they see as scum. I’m not good enough for them because I have to live off of benefits. The white scum that they talk about in this country. Suicide is caused by how people treat the vulnerable. Professionals (which this person’s husband is due to being a doctor) have no idea what the system does to people. Even if you tell them they refuse to believe what has happened. Unless we can get those that are in the system in some way to believe us then we can’t get anyone from the inside to stop these forced adoptions by not blindly backing up other professionals.


2 responses to “I held off saying this but screw it’s now.”

  1. ‘Those that have moved into this country’ aren’t taking any more than they’re giving. On average, in fact, they’re giving a lot more than they’re taking, and it’s absolutely not their fault when people who were born here can’t get stuff.

    I also don’t believe that immigrants are any more likely than other people to see folk on benefits as scum. In fact, the views that there are problems with immigrants, and that people who need benefits are scum, are overwhelmingly promoted by the same sources.

    The rich and powerful want the rest of us to blame each other, rather than recognising the real problems. As long as poor white people are blaming immigrants and brown folk rather than those in power, their own dominance goes largely unchallenged.


    • I don’t blame anyone but it’s going to annoy those born here if others coming from other places can jump the lists on housing etc. I try to remain neutral… at least on the blog because I don’t want trolling etc. As someone who never was able to get appropriate mental health care I don’t like those who somehow can access the proper support.


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