Well, tonight was a nightmare.

I got home late tonight thinking I could just go in the bath and then go to bed. Nope, this was far too easy to hope for… Firstly, I got back to find the car park full and even half of the grass full where we park up if we can’t get a space. I squeezed my car on there but this shouldn’t be happening. We literally never have this issue in the school holidays. It always happens during term time. It must be coinciding with something that is on during school term. I really need to raise the issue with the council contacts that a friend gave me because it’s absolutely ridiculous now. I can’t get a spot. I waited until about 3 am to have a bath because a water pipe had burst on the A47 and it was being fixed according to the company representative on Twitter. I was not happy anyway before I found the water pressure had gone down and there was no hot water. I walked in to find the cat had been sick in several places in the hallway. I had to clean that up while I was waiting for the water company to fix their issue so that I could have a bath. I actually deep condition masked my hair today and it’s still getting the odd knots. I even put curl cream in there to train the waves which prevents the strands getting matted. Anyway, that didn’t help a lot. It’s better but as it gets longer it’s getting worse. It isn’t like I don’t brush it regularly to try to prevent that.

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