I’m on my own and I don’t even care now.

I was desperate for friends and people to accept me for years… now I just don’t give a crap so much so that I literally blocked a load of people on social media. This is from my personal profile. It doesn’t affect the blog because I have separate pages for that. I guess that I ‘don’t want to mix business with pleasure etc’. I’m not even giving one person my business anymore either. I’m that much in a f you mood. It’s a permanent decision though. I will sort whatever out myself even if I can’t do it so well as letting someone else do it. I can’t really afford to pay for much anyway if I want to get out of here for food. It’s not that expensive on the grand scale of services but every little bit put away to move away for good helps. I’m finally thinking about me and my own needs rather than anyone else’s … probably still won’t sleep but it’s going to take a lot to ever get proper sleep again and it probably won’t be until I have moved away from here.

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