I seriously don’t care anymore.

Oh I love how people blank me in the street once I say I know exactly how it is. I’m an understanding person to a point until I see that no one gives a f. I don’t even give a f about what I do anymore. That has all made my decision. Off to buy painkillers now (need them for my leg anyway). It’s over. The things that go on will keep happening and people will never see me as a person. I’m not even upset anymore. I’ve got rid of every emotion. I am just a shell now. I really don’t care anymore. I’m out of everything I may have agreed to. I didn’t even want those things in the first place. I was trying to be nice and now I refuse to be nice. Nothing has changed around here. You’re all as spiteful and up yourselves as you were when I was a child here. I barely sleep and none of you care even though many of you from the past caused that.

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