I don’t know why I even bothered.

I’m tired and have recently become nocturnal putting effort into editing and changing the format of the blog only to get a couple hundred views. I’ve worked too hard for that. They should be hitting at least a thousand views by now. Again, people are not seeing me as a proper person or people would be reading older posts even if they are new blog readers. This is just showing what kind of value I’m given in society again. I bet if I lied about who I am, my profession etc then people would read the blog. That would defeat the whole point of the blog because it wouldn’t be if I had made it in life and not lost stuff. I am pissed off because I’ve worked hard to the point it’s affected my sleep issues even more the last couple of days. I can only make limited changes that my blog host platform allows. I can’t make my blog look like some of the most viewed ones because they’re hosted by multimillionaire platforms which isn’t in my price range. I’m destined to be a nobody forever … however much I try to change that. It’s like no one sees me. I’m invisible because I can’t meet those standards.

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