If you don’t get respect … demand it!

I’m wound up but what I am about to say is entirely true. I have decided I’m going to stock pile enough money in savings to move away from here. I was only meant to come back temporarily and they time is over soon. I never wanted to come back here. The memories here make my everyday life more stressful. I cannot stand existence in this energy that floats around here. I hated it as a kid and my feelings simply will never change. Some of us cannot be in the area that they were born without experiencing feelings we experienced as a child that damaged us initially. I’m unhappy all the time, I can’t sleep because I can’t and never will settle here. If money and the system which surrounds claiming benefits hadn’t existed I would have been gone again after just a few years of being back here. I will be getting hold of any extra cash I can possible lay my hands on. The rules say that I can have £6000 in savings and if I find a place away from this area in the private rental sector I’m prepared to pay a chunk of the maximum that I can possibly have in order to get around the we won’t let to those in receipt of benefits thing. There are ways around every clause which stand as obstacles. I’m also going to start demanding respect. The same respect that someone who does have a normal brain and hasn’t got autism receives. The people who adopted my son will also be showing me a level of respect at some point once I track them down in the next few years. We will all be explaining to Jonny (or David as they called him) how they callously selfishly wanted a child and willingly entered into a contract to take him off a young vulnerable adult. As long as they had their happy little family it was f her. Total selfishness! People have taken advantage of people who are classed as vulnerable for far too long. I will not be used in that way without justice being done at some point. If he decides against staying with them long term after finding out their true character then that is exactly what they deserve for entering into the cruel system in the first place. Then when I was pissed off A’s initials came out on a £5 note with my current age on it. If she is watching the blog then she should apologise for the get she did. I’m not going to bite her head off despite what I have just wrote here. I’m not even going to tear a strip out of Jonny’s adopters. I’m doing what needs to happen to stop being disrespected as an autistic adult. I don’t owe anyone respect that they have refused to give me. People seem to think that due to my brain being classed as different this gives them a valid excuse to treat me unfavourably, take what I have sometimes worked really hard to get and ignore me! I will no longer allow that… if people do that I am going to end up telling them straight that it is unacceptable. I won’t accept as being treated as an option or less any longer.

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