I have never let my home get this dirty.

I have never let things get this dirty. The overflow pipe is probably getting bad for my skin to be near the water around it. I tried to get hold of another plumber about it today… but no reply. I can’t let it stay like that much longer because I can see the mould bursting out of the vents. I haven’t cleaned properly in weeks because my sleep pattern is so not a pattern. I barely get any sleep. I wake up every few hours so my energy levels have gone down too much to even walk a lot on a daily basis. I can’t get a good nights sleep even if I keep myself awake during the daytime. The cats made a mess on top of the stuff that already needs to be done. They know that they should poop in the litter tray… nope, not early they pooped over the edge and it got on the carpet. I can’t deal with poop well. That is why I line the litter trays with a bag so I can just pick up and throw away. I hate cleaning it off of things. It makes me feel sick. Then there is my hair which is so dry right now I can barely brush it without it knotting. I use treatment on it both for protein and moisture but it never seems to have any moisture. It’s reasonably ok at the roots but the ends are just really lacking moisture. I have naturally wavy hair but it isn’t going like that because there’s so little moisture getting to the ends. The ends aren’t dead. They are just really dehydrated. I’m trying to get TikTok to approve an advert to link the blog address to one of my pinned videos relating to autism but they could come back to me and say they aren’t happy with the subject matter that I talk about… well don’t approve it for under 18s then. I pressed the option that they could automatically chose the audience. I’m real, blunt, to the point. Platforms online need more of that. May I remind these platforms that they have people openly selling sex and peadophile’s grooming youngsters on these apps currently and there is nothing being done about it.

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