Been busy all night, sleep pattern officially beyond repair right now.

I have been doing online courses all night because it’s better than wasting time. It’s more productive than just lying there all night. I was going to do some more editing, but I needed a break from that task. I’m accepting that my sleep pattern is beyond repair. I’m not going to snap out of this before Christmas due to how this time of year affects me. I have therefore decided to just ignore the outside world around me and go inward until after it’s all over. I was waiting for my hair to dry but now it’s dried and knotted the ends of itself together. I’m going to have to put oil through it and unknot it before I go to bed. I’m not going to actively deal with redoing my sleep pattern until January so that I do not have to participate in anything to do with Christmas. I’m not even trying to correct it at this point because it will just be too much on top of the utter hatred for this time of year.

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